Friday, November 1, 2013

Guide to Plus Size Shapewear!!

One of the things I take most serious in life is my shapewear. Shapewear can transform an outfit into a LOOK. Shapewear can make that $20 dress look like $200 and that potato shape into an hourglass.  GOOD shapewear sucks you in, GREAT shapewear supports, shapes, and defines your body. Needless to say, I am a big, BIG fan.

What I look for in shapewear, since I have almost nearly a complete banana shaped body, is something that is going to minimize my midsection and back areas, and almost never to I wear anything that minimizes my lower body.

Tummy Control

If you carry your weight in your midsection like I do, you are all about reducing the appearance in that area. I love shapewear that can really suck my stomach in and make it appear (relatively) flat. Also these kind of shapers helps to control that back fat that some of us are plagued with. So if you want to reduce your tummy and back rolls, or just have an apple or banana-shaped body, these are some of my favorites:

Ipanema Corset by Femni via Roamans / Squeem Body Vest via Fashion To FigureBela Shapewear Vest by Femni via Roamans /

This firm compression type waist cincher not only flattens your abdomen; it lifts your breasts, improves posture, and reduces your waistline up to four inches! Features adjustable straps for the perfect fit, flexible boning, and spandex underarms for more control. Flatters and transforms your body immediately.

I personally own a Squeem and wear it nearly everyday of my life, even when I'm working out. It helps to control my stomach area and back bulge, but be careful, sometimes the material can be seen through thin clothing and the boning can be uncomfortable.

Bottom Control

So you got a big ole booty eh? First of all, congratulations, and second of all I know just what you want. Ladies blessed with wider hips and bigger backsides usually opt for more firming shapewear, that will protect from movement and smooth out cellulite dimples. 

For my ladies and friends who wont to control more of their booty area, I have just the things for you.

Star Power by SPANX via Macy's / Flexees by Maidenform Plus Size Firm Control Easy Up Thigh Slimmer via Macy's

If you have relatively flat waist you might want to consider the star power from Spanx, the lower waistline will provide you will a higher level of comfort. However if you have a little something that needs to be contained, make sure you go with something with a higher waistline like the Maidenform number, it combats muffin tops!

So there are plenty of ideas for you to go on, so take the time to check out reviews, try them on in store, and ALWAYS GET THE RIGHT SIZE. Trust me, it might seem like a good idea to size down, but when its cutting off your blood supply in the middle of dinner you'll regret it. And remember, the key to a good outfit, is a great foundation, so go out there and get yourself some shapewear, girl!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Freetress Milly OP 27/30/613 Platinum Blond Review!

Okay, so the only two good things I can say about this unit is the part is on point. Really. For a synthetic wig, it does look pretty realistic, I've had full human hair lace wigs that didn't have a part this natural. Also the color, I am really feeling the new line of Freetress wigs and their ombre and dark root effects. The part on these come extremely pale, but just use a little of your makeup powder in the part and you're good.

This hair is ridiculously fucking thin. So thin in fact, I would never wear this out in public. The pictures you see are with all the hair swept up to the front, but in the back I might as well be a bald eagle or something. This is especially bad if you have naturally dark hair and trying to wear a unit as light as this one, it will shine right through..

THIS THING SHEDS. I have never had a unit shed this much...well with the exception of the last Freetress unit I purchased.

Bottom line:
I refuse to buy anymore Freetress Units. They shed insanely, tangle easily, and they never have enough hair. I'm sorry, I don't care how cute the style is, if you can't get the basics right then it's never going to be a good unit. Meanwhile if you are looking for something cute and affordable, I cannot recommend Vanessa's Las Mogan enough.

Purchased from
Color: OP 27/30/612
Price: Around $35

Monday, January 28, 2013

DiorSkin Airflash Airbrush Foundation Review Video + Pics!

Diorskin Airbrush Foundation in 400


Gosh I am so hella late with this review. After eyeing this foundation for what seems like months I finally broke down and bought it in November. I'll just get right down to it:

  1. Incredibly easy to apply. Seriously. The whole thing takes 60 seconds.
  2. The finish. It's a really decent finish, but you can probably get a better overall finish with your liquid foundation.

  1. Price. Let's not tip toe around the fact this baby is PRICEY. I knew after the first use I wasen't going to be repurchasing, but I suppose if you are a novice to makeup and have the funds, there are worse products out there you can buy.
  2. Amount. I really only got about 6 or 7 uses out of this can, that comes out to be about $10 per application. Are. You. Serious? There really isn't enough in this can to warrant the price.
  3. Color availability. There is no way in hell an entire species of humans can fit in the 7 colors available. While I give Dior props for coming out with new colors for deeper skin tones (Take note, Chanel), there will be a number of people who won't fit the mold.

Overall I give this product a B-. It's a nice thing to have around for a special occasion or when you are running late, but it is totally not going to replace your current fave foundation. Sorry folks.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who's Blonde?: Freetress Equal Lace Front Invisible Part Wig - Bently Review

Video Review:

I purchased this from NY HairMall about a week ago. I have really mixed feelings about this unit.
Construction: Hands down, the absolute best part of this wig. The part on it is the BEST I have ever seen on a synthetic BSS wig and is really believable. It actually has a more realistic part than some of my remy lace wigs. 

Hair Texture: Not silky straight, and not yaki either. I would say it's similar to Chinese, if you're familiar. Don't hesitate to get this texture, no matter your ethnicity.

Color: OKAY this is where my problem is. The front of is so beautiful. The 613 platinum highlight is gorgeous, the hair that frames your face is a really even honey blonde (L-O-V-E), but then about a third of the way back the hair turns a dark brown, which I am most certainly not a fan of. It would have been so much better had that just made the bottom later of the hair brown and the top, front and back the honey blonde color.

Overall I really dig Freetress' new line of wigs and new approach to lace fronts, but it is definitely a miss for me on the color. Sad Face.



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